Gregory Jon Mancuso

gregory jon mancuso

Gregory Jon Mancuso is a personal trainer and part-time wedding DJ. When he’s not helping people achieve their most incredible fitness goals or tearing it up on the turntables, he’s tackling any of his several hobbies. On any given day off, you can find Gregory cooking vegan food, exploring Florida, rock climbing, or listening to local Floridian opera. 

Gregory’s zest for life and interest in so many different aspects of Florida life led him to create a website where he shares his view of Florida with others. He looks to delve into topics a range of topics, from the best climbs to do in and around Miami to the best places to go see opera in the area.

Whether you’re a visiting vegan or a local plant-based human, Gregory is thoroughly versed in the vegan restaurants throughout Miami, Florida. He believes in both the ecology and health benefits of veganism and that everyone should feel empowered to choose what they want and don’t want to eat. Below are some of Gregory’s favorite spots to eat vegan food in Miami.

  • Planta
    • This upscale vegan restaurant in South Beach prepares meatless versions of classic American and proxy-American dishes, including burgers, plates of pasta, pizzas, and even sushi. Many of these dishes make you wonder how they crafted plant and fruit matter into a meal! Panta’s sushi is especially intriguing and fresh, and it’s prepared right there in the dining room. Just be aware that this restaurant is a bit flashy and pricey. It’s better for a fun meat-free night out than a casual, quick lunch.
  • Manna Life Food
    • If you’re looking for a casual, quick lunch, you should definitely check out Manna Life Food in downtown Miami. Similar to a lot of healthy food places in the city, it’s great for things like smoothies, veggie bowls, and various gluten-free baked goods. They also have a really interesting section of their menu that lists various clean arepas, ceviches, and burritos wrapped in nori. Be sure to check out the coconut meat ceviche in particular.
  • Awash Ethiopian Food
    • Miami’s one and only Ethiopian restaurant, Awash Ethiopian Food isn’t exclusively vegan but mostly is. Located in Miami Gardens, Awash has so many mind-blowing vegan dishes that it deserves a mention here. Get the vegetarian combo and gorge on collard greens, mushrooms, lentils, peas, cabbage, and injera bread. They also have the world’s most delicious and stimulating Ethiopian coffee.
  • Minty Z
    • This is a “plant-based dim sum restaurant” in Coconut Grove. They mostly serve dumplings, veggie plates, and rice bowls. This is a good place to visit with a group of people so you can order lots of little plates and dumplings to share. They also have a movie night where can get half-priced wines and saké this summer. Make sure you get the black sesame and carrot bao.
  • Thatch
    • Located in Wynwood, Thatch has a super-clean, curated, Instagrammy vibe. They serve pretty standard American vegan food. You can find upscale, delicious versions of pizza, pad thai, and cheeseburgers. Thatch has a pleasant atmosphere for a chilled dinner, curled up with some natural wine. You can also buy a quick salad or sandwich from their accompanying day market.

While vegan food is a huge part of what Gregory Jon Mancuso will be talking about in these posts, it doesn’t end there. He hopes to truly touch on all of his favorite parts of the vibrant city of Miami and Miami-Dade County. As an overview, here are five of his most favorite destinations in Miami, Florida.

  • Ziff Ballet Opera House
    • This is by far the best performance space to view an opera performance in Miami. It’s the second-largest performing arts stage in the United States and is actually where a lot of the traveling Broadway shows perform. In terms of seeing opera here, it’s truly magnificent. The acoustics and ambiance are unparalleled in Miami.
  • Blowing Rocks Preserve
    • This is about an hour-and-a-half drive north of Miami but it’s totally worth it. Blowing Rocks Preserve is located on Jupiter Island, Florida. The climbing is mostly done on a natural rock formation of limestone. The limestone has lots of holes in it that are great for bouldering. Additionally, there are amazing views of the ocean as you climb.
gregory mancuso
  • The Edge Rock Climbing Gym
    • The edge is 14,000 square feet of elite rock climbing walls. They have top-notch walls to climb indoors and some of the best customer service. They even have a counter on their website that you can monitor so you don’t go at the busiest times if you are COVID-conscious. This is the best indoor rock climbing gym in Miami — 100%! 
  • Alice Wainwright Park
    • This is a much more accessible climbing spot that is a 15- to 20-minute drive from anywhere in Miami-Dade county. It’s also just a great climb. For climbers, the best part about it is its giant limestone formation — it’s got perfect holes for climbing! It’s great for both advanced and beginner climbers just because of how interactive it is.
  • Lagniappe
    • Lagniappe is a supper cozy wine bar that serves grilled basics located in Midtown Miami. It’s mainly known as a wine bar but it’s also Miami’s best jazz club. Romantic, special, and intimate, you can see some of the city’s best jazz acts. It’s such a local hub, the atmosphere is easy to relax in. This is a great place to take a date for a romantic evening.

If you liked any of these tips and tricks for exploring Miami, Florida, you should definitely come back to this blog. Miami is a vast and incredibly vibrant city. There’s always something new going on and it will all be covered on this blog!